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is vacant. tonight the catholic church looks for a new leader as benedict xvi pope emeritus begins his new life after a transition unlike any other in the modern church. benedict left his home to a rousing ovation. the papal staff at the vatican saying goodbye to the man they served for the last eight years. the first leg of his final journey as pope. in st. peter's square, tourists gathered around jumbotrons to watch the momentous event. >> it would be a shame to be here and miss it. >> reporter: the 85 year-old pontiff got into a helicopter to fly off into an italian sunset. as bells rang across rome. he flew over this eternal city, passed the ruins of the coliseum, where christians were persecuted 2,000 years ago. his destination, the papal retreat, castel gandolfo, 20 miles to the south, where 10,000 people waited to greet him. >> reporter: speaking without a text, benedict said he will no longer be pope. simply a pilgrim, beginning the last stage of his life on earth. >> i think he needs those prayers right now, because it's such a big step. >> reporter: earlier in the day, benedict m
smoke and we learned pope benedict xvi was elected. in the crowd, now, the anticipation is building. >> marci, thank you. the smoke signals are about technology and also about chemistry. katie marzullo has that part of the story including lighter moments during the wait. >> the news conference lasted two hours this morning with three priests, the vatican spokesman answering questions in multiple languages. when the topic towns to the chemical makeup of the smoke it got hazy hazy. >> we will take a huge risk in describing the chemicals because i only received the names in italian six minutes ago. i studied the bible not chemistry. >> he did the best he could. >> the black smoke we have colored potassium, and something else that i don't know what it is which is very powerful, and zinc. >> rather, it should be sulpher. the black smoke signals no pope, the white smoke means a new pope five cartridges and up to seven create a lot of smoke. it is bad for the art or the people? >> they left the sistine chapel in good health and the frescos are in perfect condition. >> there are cardinal wh
. >>> history is made in vatican city. a look at the tearful farewell to pope benedict. and the work ahead to pick a successor. >> those monthly government checks will not be coming after tomorrow. what washington will do starting in march that has some people fuming. >> we will start in march on a very warm note. we are talking widespread 70s. peek outside mainly sunny skies looking toward the bay bridge, but there are some major changes coming to the forecast next week. i'll have details on that coming up. >> and it's blamed for an explosion in cases of diabetes. the extreme recommendation aimed at cutting out intake of sugar. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. down earlier today. he's the >>> it is the end of an era for the roman catholic church. pope benedict xvi stepped down today. he is the first pope to abdicate in nearly 6 centuries. rement. ((nats of mission bells)) >> the whi
of the major landmarks of what's known as "the eternal city." as well-wishers held signs bidding benedict farewell, the bells of st. peters rang out. and romans lined the rooftops to get a final glimpse. ( applause ) earlier in the day, benedict said good-bye to the cardinals the princes of the church, 115 of whom will choose his successor. he called on cardinals to work together like an orchestra. and in a poignant message, promised the new pope unconditional reverence and obedience. the aerial view of the 16th century palace that has been a summer home for popes for almost 400 years are enough to make anyone want to retire there. castel gandolfo's 135 acres provide a view of lake albano, vistas stretching to the sea and with gardens to soothe the soul. the welcome from local residents did the same. pope benedict's last public speech was short and humble. "i'm simply a pilgrim who is beginning the last stage of his pilgrimage on this earth." then, the frail figure in white disappeared through the door to become pope emeritus. in order not to impinge on the authority of his successor bene
to date of pope benedict xvi. >>> good evening and welcome to a second look. pope john paul ii came to san francisco at the time that the city was at the grips of the aids epidemic. what the pope did helped to comfort those with aids. he reached out and touched them offering a blessing an hope of healing. we have a report from that day. beginning with rita williams who was at mission dolores with the pope's visit to the california's oldest mission. >> reporter: john paul ii warmly greeted those along the center aisle of the pope. some of the 900 invited guests. the pope then approached the nine pews of aids patients. and certainly the most moving moment came when 4-year-old brendan ororke reached out to hug the holy father. little brendan contracted aids from a blood transfusion at birth. the pope then moved to other aids sufferers, most of them gay. it was the first time the leader of a catholic church has met directly with aids sufferers. from there the pope went alone to pray in the old mission. the oldest building in san francisco. in prepared remarks the pope proclaimed the unconditio
benedict xvi in his historic farewell. tonight the burning question, who will lead them next? >>> and it's the underwater battle royale, killer sharks versus killer whales in a showdown atop the under water >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> great to be with you tonight. it is the hottest new trend in modern day weight los with principles as long as humanity itself. our ancient ancestors ate as much as they could whenever they could and starved until the next feast. the same pattern has become the basis for the latest diet taking the weight loss world by storm, combining fasting and feasting in the pursuit of a smaller size, but a longer life. here's abc's juju chang. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> reporter: when it comes the hot british imports, there's one direction's song "what makes you beautiful." and there's always the american fascination with the royal couple and the pregnancy. but the next big british invasion hitting our shores this week just might be the fast diet. >> it doesn't really feel like a diet. >> reporter: it's all the rage in
, but nobody is expecting much from that meeting. >> pope benedict goes into retirement. one last look at the pope and the problems he left behind. >>> illegal bumping, how a fed up community is getting involved to get the city to clean it up. >> one hour and 49 minutes left in february. we'll drop it down. but, rain is making a comeback. find out when it returns, next. ,,,,,,,, [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. allan pizzey tells us, the s leadership is >>> pope benedict xvi has said his good-byes and moved into retirement. as cbs reporter, allen, tells us the catholic church's leadership is gearing up to choose his successor. >> benedict's final day of pope drew to a close with applause from his staff. last acts of homage, a 300 yard trip to the helipad and a precisely timed liftoff for a ride he has taken many times over his eight years as pope. the helicopter made a ceremonial pass over the vatican and st. peter's basilica an
for the selection of the next pope now that benedict xvi has officially stepped down, the first pope to do so in over 600 years. on thursday, his final day, benedict met with the cardinals already gathered in rome and promised "unconditional reverence and obedience" to his successor. he then took a helicopter to the papal villa, castel gandolfo, where he will stay until moving to a vatican monastery for what he's said will be a life of prayer outside of public view. during his last papal audience on wednesday, benedict spoke of the joy of leading the church, as well as the many difficulties he faced a pope. >> i will continue to accompany the church with my prayers and i ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope. with the papal seat empty, the cardinals will soon decide when to begin the conclave to elect their next leader. earlier this week, cardinal keith o'brien of scotland, who recently resigned because of age, announced he would not attend the conclave, after charges against him by other priests of "inappropriate" behavior. american cardinal roger mahony will participate, despi
election, benedict xvi revised that to make sure the new pope had very widespread support throughout the world. he reintroduced the old condition that the pope has to achieve at least a 2/3 majority. in this case, 78 votes is a minimum out of 112. that is 2/3, plus one. because 112 is not divisible by 3. it would be extraordinary if the pope had only achieved it by 78 votes. he probably had even more. that indicates to me that, as i said, if it is not a compromise candidate, it is somebody who the cardinals, a considerable number of the cardinals decided very, very early, probably last evening or even early this morning, that was the man that they believed was best equipped to lead the church through this very difficult period, where there are so many huge challenges, varied challenges. they are so varied. we are trained in north america and europe to be very eurocentric and america centric -- americacentric. in africa, there -- perhaps crisis is too much. the problems and challenges of the church in africa are things like animism. i hope i don't sound condescending. i imagine there
this will take. we estimate about 45 minutes, chris, based on the tick tomorrow if you will, of bpope benedict xvi. i feel like we are bursting from the seams here because of the moment that we are watching. so something like this, just takes your breath way. >> i have to believe around the world as well, there's so much anticipation. that's all people are talking about. but look at this crowd, this long street going down from st. peter's square, and people have been pouring in. and we saw them huddled together for hours and they are shivering. it is as if there is some wave of heat that's come over the crowd. i think the adrenaline, excitement, anticipation, you can see the flags of so many countries, including frankly. countries that don't have cardinals so they won't have a pope from their country but they are joined in this sense of excitement. and of possibility. because i think everyone knows you don't have to be an american catholic. you don't even have to be catholic to understand the challenges that have faced the church. to understand history made when pope benedict stepped down and
neil/lehrer productions >> brown: pope benedict the sixteenth bade an emotional public farewell today and then left the vatican in a white helicopter bound for the papal summer residence. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we get the latest on the end of benedict's papacy and the coming conclave to select a new pontiff, from john allen in rome. >> brown: then, we update the wikileaks case, after army private bradley manning pleads guilty to leaking classified material, but not to aiding the enemy. >> woodruff: ray suarez examines the u.s. promise to provide food and medical aid to opposition forces in syria. >> brown: fred de sam lazaro reports on the plight of women in turkey, where economic opportunity has not translated into freedom from discrimination or abuse. >> by some measures, turkey ranks among the worst places in the world for women: women are less educated than men. half of all turkish women report having suffered some form of domestic violence. >> woodruff: and we turn to violence against women in this country, as congress ex
of the catholic church meet monday at the vatican to begin the process of choosing a new pope. pope benedict's reign ended yesterday with a final and simple good-bye. benedict left the vatican in a helicopter that made a ceremonial pass over some of rome's famous landmarks. he'll spend a few months at the summer residence at the castel gandolfo. vinita nair has more. good morning, vinita. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the catholics wake up with no known leader. as you said, it was a quiet send-off yesterday, but it also was an emotional one. we saw a lot of people here in st. peter's square crying and now entering the period known as the vacant see. it's a transition from one pope until the next. pope benedict xvi delivered his final words as pontiff in italian. he said thank you and good night to people vacationing south of rome. the 85-year-old told well-wisher well-wishers he's simply a pilgrim beginning his left pilgrimage on earth. the cardinals around the world are meeting at the vatican to start the long process of choosing a poem. american cardinal timot
think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful man, they're trying to attract young people, the young people are the heart and soul and vibrance of the church and hoping to bring in more young people. a younger man was the thought. last time among a bunch of people and this time. the balcony. it's true, the youth of the world are the future of the church. that's what we're looking to inspire. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in rome and vatican city. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the next pope. $1.2 billion catholics around the world, so many of them watching a tv set on continent after continent waiting for word to spread we have a pope. the announcement 53 minutes ago. the guidance from the hol
. >> brown: the papacy of benedict the sixteenth officially ended today as he became the first pontiff in modern times to resign. on his last day, he spoke with the cardinals who will now turn to choosing his successor, amid continuing scandals and tensions within the vatican and wider church. we begin with our coverage with this report from james mates of "independent television news." >> reporter: looking a little frail, weary almost under the burdens of a tumultuous eight years in the holy see, pope benedict met his cardinals for a final time. in the magnificent surroundings of the vatican's clementine room, he thanked them and recognized that one of those now applauding will soon be in his place. "among you," he said, "there is the future pope to whom already today and i promise my unconditional reverence and obedience." he said a personal farewell to each cardinal, among them peter turksen of ghana who many believe may be the first black pope in more than a thousand years. but pope benedict's speech yesterday shows hints of trouble within the vatican itself has spelled out the tas
a pope. benedict the 16th ended his papacy.á17g he told cardinals he pledges obedience.9n=zx3at he spoke to the thousands gathered outside his eight year pontificate came to an end at 8:00 a.m. >> tonight the newly retired spiritual leader of the catholic church has a new title. he is now pope emeritus. a special mass was held for him. >> right now it's a period of watching and waiting for catholics around the world.3$scw they did so to contemplate the future of the church. this mass was held throughout the bay area. to thank benedict for his service. '' to pray fors retirement. >> i feel grateful he's taking a rest and reflecting and a well deserved rest. >> with this, the daunting task will n soon again for princes of the church. they will pick one of their own as4yÑ pope. benedict elevated laveda to the highest position in the vatican an american held. >> i will miss him very much as our pope but i hope that this time, this hidden time as he calls it won't be so hidden that we can't see him once in a while. >> the crisis of belief among the faithful and sex abuse scandal. >> i think
bay area news. >>> today, pope benedict xvi made history when he left his position, abdicating his position as pontiff. bells tolled as a helicopter took off. the pope, leaving behind cheering crowds in st. peter's square as he flew off to a new life of retirement. benedict officially resigned. now a tense period of waiting begins to figure out who will be the next leader of the catholic church. marianne ahern is at the vatican. >> reporter: earlier today, one of the cardinals who met with the pope noticed just how frail he was. so as benedict leaves the huge world stage, he now says he will live a quiet life in prayer. in dramatic fashion, benedict xvi with close aides left the vatican by helicopter, flying over the classic buildings of the roman skyline at dusk, as he ledded to the papal summer residence. in st. peter's square, some in crowd were weeping as the helicopter passed overhead. >> feel a little sad, it's emotional. i have a lot of respect for the pope. >> reporter: he offered one last papal blessing. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: later, the swiss guards wa
were the last time time before his resignation -- pope benedict meets his cardinals for the last time before his resignation goes into effect. >> new rules to set limits on bankers' annual payday. >> a victory over defending champs, dortmund. history is being made in rome. hope an addict is preparing to retire -- pope benedict is preparing to retire. >> his final act, a speech to his cardinals. he bade farewell and urged unity when electing his replacement. >> a last round of up laws for the departing pope -- of applause for the departing pope. in a few days, a conclave of cardinals will elect a new pontiff. some are worried at the prospect of having both a reigning pope and the retired one. an addict tried to dispel -- benedict ride to dispel any fears of conflict. >> among you cardinals is the future pope. to him i promise my unconditional reverence and obedience. >> this is likely to be the pope's most important message before he sets off for the papal retreat, castel gandolfo, south of rome. the small town is already getting ready to receive its most important visitor. >> yes. we
, pope benedict xvi goes into retirement. thousands gathered to wish this popular pope farewell. such unknown, unwanted and unloved, millions of children without parents struggle to survive. but now the church in one european nation is leading the effort to save orphans. and this indian woman prayed to the hindu gods her whole life, but shi never knew peace until she got an answer she didn't expect. pope benedict xvi bids farewell to the faithful. hello, everyone, i'm george thomas. tens of thousands gathered in the papel square on the eve of his historic resignation this week. the 85-year-old pontiff used his last message to remind catholics around the world to stay faithful to god's word. mark martin has the story. >> reporter: he was surrendered by tens of thousands of the faithful. many pressing in to catch a glimpse of their spiritual leader as he drove by on his popemobile. >> it is such a monumental time. no pope has resigned the way he has done, and it is something we have to see. >> reporter: and then he took the stage, smiling, taking it all in. the crowds responding w
, but unusual blessings i think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful man, they're trying to attract young people, the young people are the heart and soul and vibrance of the church and hoping to bring in more young people. a younger man was the thought. last time among a bunch of people and this time. the balcony. it's true, the youth of the world are the future of the church. that's what we're looking to inspire. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in rome and vatican city. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the next pope. $1.2 billion catholics around the world, so many of them watching a tv set on continent after continent waiting for word to spread we have a pope. the announcement 53 minutes ago. the g
sign has been removed as a precaution. >>> the new pope francis and the retired pope benedict had lunch together today. it's the first time the two have met since francis became the leader of the catholic church. >> reporter: with his arms outstretched, pope francis greeted his predecessor with a hug at the papal retreat. the two prayed together. benedict asked francis to use the kneeler, but francis insisted they spray side by side, saying "we are brothers. " >> reporter: he gave him the madonna of humility. then they spoke private for nearly an hour before having lunch. francis thanked benedict for his ministry, and benedict offered his allegiance to the new pope. many gathered in the central square hoping to catch a glimpse. but neither pope appeared at the balcony. >> reporter: this man says "we hoped for it, but it was okay anyway. it was a private meeting." since his election, the former archbishop has won over many with his gentleness and emphasis on helng the poor. >> the stories we are from argentina are not so good. so we don't know what to think about. >> reporter: he will re
in 1979. and the focus of the most recent visit by pope benedict who addressed the clergy scandal during his visit just five years ago. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and try colgate optic white mouthwash. to whiten more than 3 shades use the whole whitening line from colgate optic white. >>> the history of papal trips to the united states is a short one. in fact, the first papal visit took place in october of 1965 when pope paul vi visited. he gave a mass and visited with children. >> i thank you for the flowers all your presents and i know that you are good children. are you good? certainly. and i give you my best wishes and my blessing. >> reporter: it would be 14 years before another pope visited the united states when john paul ii made the first of seven trips here. anchor dennis richmond began our coverage of the pope's arrival in the united states on october 1, 1979. >> reporter: several hundred digni
: tonight, pope benedict's last day in office. he will now just be the vessel through which god watches game shows all day. [ laughter ] can anyone stop the sequester? come on asteroid! my guest jon favreau is president obama's longtime speechwriter csm we nail him? yes, we can. girls gone wild has filed for bankruptcy. maybe those girls should have gone business school. this is "the colbert report". ["the colbert report" theme music pl captioning sponsored 1# comedy central [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] thank you so much. [cheers and applause] welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. when you chant my name like that, you make me feel one toke over the line. [ laughter ] the top story tonight has to be the dramatic news coming from the world's most powerful religious leader pat robertson. [ laughter ] you know, in a world full of war and poverty and moral decay, pat is willing to confirm the eternal questions. on monday he did it again. >> this is kerry who says i buy a lot of clothes and other items at goodwill and other secondhand shops. my mo
from cardinal dollan that the new pope plans to visit the old pope, the pope emeritus benedict the benedict the xvith this thursday, shep. >> shepard: what does this mean according to the analysts of the future of the church, amy? >> well, it just means so many things. this announcement is so rife with symbolism. the first jesuit pope. the first pope from south america. from latin america. it's possible that this will reenergize the catholics in that part of the world hemisphere many who have been turning to ehe van gel evangelical christianity in the past. he explained it himself francis. that's widely associated with poverty and with peace i think pope catholic church clearly he is very traditional in his values as all of frankly were. a lot of people see him as something of a reformer. a man of conscience. a man of consensus. i think that there is a lot of excitement right now among many, if not all, of the world's 1.2 billion catholics this evening. shep? >> shepard: amy kellogg in vatican city tonight. in the streets of buenas air was. people have been crying and laughing
bergoglio succeeds benedict xvith, who was the first pope to retire in 600 years. pope francis is the first to take the name francis and he's the first pope in the history of the church to be chosen from the global south. joining me now father joseph mcshane. he is the president of fordham university. father walter modrys, he was pastor of st. ignatius loyola patience in new york city for 19 years. john degioia, he is the president of georgetown university and in nashville, jon meacham. he is the author of "thomas jefferson: the art of power. " i'm pleased to have them. father mcshane, were you watching to see who would come out and were you surprised at who stepped up? >> i was i was in my office with my staff, i was walking across campus a little while before. heard the church bells rings which had been silent since benedict stepped down. we all crowded in and watched and i was stunned. we didn't believe it was possible. first jesuit. >> bruni: you heard his name mentioned before though, right? >> he was mentioned prominently in the last conclave but not all that prominently this time aro
: diane, every detail was tightly scripted, highly conscious of the history he was making, benedict sent a message with every step. and tonight, his robes have been traded in, his guards have stood down. the holy leader, who hours ago led more than a billion faithful, has now become one of them. one by one they said goodbye. benedict smiling, reminding the cardinals, "among you is the future pope." then, it was time to go. benedict, making the long walk through the vaulted vatican halls, cheers, waves, followed by a long, winding ride, the signs of "grazie" everywhere. the bells of st. peter's basilica ringing out as he arrived at the heliport. then, the defender of ancient tradition, boarding a helicopter, rising into a brilliant blue sky, rounding st. peter's and the coliseum. within minutes, the arrival at castel gandolfo, the vacation retreat of popes. crowds greeting him outside his new, temporary, home. and then, one last time as pope, benedict stood on a balcony. he spoke, saying, "i am no longer the pontiff of the catholic church. i am simply a pilgrim, beginning the last leg of
-- >> reporter: in filling the void left by benedict's stunning resignation, just over a month ago, pope francis offered a prayer to his predecessor. >> translator: first of all, i'd like to offer a prayer for our eminent bishop, benedict xvi. >> reporter: his upbringing was simple, the son of a railway worker. one of five children. as a teenager he suffered a major health crisis, having one of his lungs removed after a serious infection. he would become chemist by trade, turned jesuit priest. in his ministry, he's known primarily for his work with argentina's poor. he also passed on residing in the archbishop's ornate palace. choosing to live in a small apartment outside buenos aires, and cooking his own meals while regularly riding a bus or his bicycle, instead of the limousine at his disposal. he is first the jesuit pope from latin america. home of 40% of the world's catholics. he asked for a prayer for himself. >> translator: let us pray silently for me. >> reporter: and then for all the rest. >> translator: let's pray always for each other. let's pray for the whole world. may there be a gre
. here's what happened when francis met benedict. >> the path and future of the roman catholic church came face-to-face in a history making embrace. the new pope made a pilgrimam of sorts to visit pope benedict xvi. who retired. what might have been an awkward confrontation seemed instead a meeting of old friends. the two men collapsed hands repeatedly. >> he wanted to say to him, you still matter. and on a human level that was the significance of the meeting. >> the 85-year-old benedict, who left the papacy citing frail health, looks delicate as he walked gingerly with a cane. francis knelt and pride side-by-side with his predecessor. francis brought benedict a gift, an icon called the madonna of humility. i thought of you, said francis, you gave souse many signs of humility. >> thank you, said benedict. the two men spoke in private for 45 minutes and then lunched together. they have much to talk about. benedict left the church in a sea of trouble. >> it would be natural for a sitting pope, if he has a former pope a few hundred yards away to every now and then ask him for some kind o
of the last pope. the last pope is still around. pope benedict is now pope emeritus. because he ended in resignation not death, it has not happened in 600 years. the former pope will be around and living on the grounds of the vatican as the new pope takes over. we have the retired pope, pope benedict and the new pope, pope francis. much more on the new pope and what we know of his history and what it means for the church and the politics of the church this hour. that, of course, is the big world news story today. domestically, the big news story is the big political news that just happened here on this network. >> what is your name and what are you all about? >> my name is scott prouty. i'm a regular guy, middle class, hard working guy. you know, i think i would like to think i have a good moral compass and a core and i think i have a little bit of empathy. i think i have more empathy than mitt romney had. i don't know how to describe myself, but i was behind this whole thing. i was bar tending that night for the romney fund-raiser. >> my colleague, ed schultz just broke the news toni
from a to z for us. she has been in rome since pope benedict stepped aside to become pope emeritus. anne, explain what we're going to be seeing later this hour. >> well, first of all, thomas, let me give you a tour of st. peter's square, where i am. this is what everybody is going to be looking at for the next couple of days. see, that's the temporary chimney on top of the sistine chapel. that's where the smoke will come out, telling us if we've got a pope or if they still need to take more ballots. then as we go over here, you'll see the red grapes on what's called the loja of the blessings. that's where we will first see the new pope. and once the smoke comes out and the bells start to ring, people rush down here to st. peter's square, and there's all kinds of energy, because they want to see the new pope. before all that happens, of course, the cardinals must vote. and in about a half hour, they are going to start processing, from the pauline chapel into the sistine chapel. they will chant the litany of saints, as it's been described. that's basically the catholic family album.
pope benedict xvi separating himself literally from the operas of pope. -- the office of pope. their lastpaid emotional tributes, and he walked away from the tom walts and intrigue of the doll. the last moments of this pontifica had been the most touching and striking the human spirit the bells of st. peter announced his departure and they flew in low over this ancient city for the people below to see him. cracks in the life of the vatican, symbolism and ritual plays a huge role. pope benedict xvi is in a direct line of succession that goes right back to st. peter the apostle 2000 years ago. and today, vatican officials are doing something they have never done before, carefully choreographed in the last hours of his pontificate. >> this morning, he met his cardinals for the last time. these men will choose his successor among themselves. this is the cardinal archbishop of durban. >> i suppose electric would be one word, electric with the motion. -- with emotion. >> pulte benedicta appointed more than half the cabinet electors. by choosing him, he has done much to shape the sel
popes met last weekend. pope emeritus benedict xvi warmly welcomed his successor pope francis. both elderly men both wearing white, and that is where the similarities end, at least on the surface. the difference in style was a visible from the very start of their papacy's. in 2005, benedict appeared in ornate and colorful garments. he bore tradition on his shoulders. eight years later, pope francis appeared in simple dress to the public in rome. >> buena sera. a simple address, brothers and sisters, good evening. he donned a plain white cassock and a simple iron cross, and everyone knew he was wearing ordinary black shoes, not red ones. observers like the berlin-based catholic theologian are intrigued by the differences. >> what is remarkable is the new pope's simplicity. by contrast, the pope and marriages had a certain refined ness. for example, the brussels lace that he obviously loved. >> benjamin bishop, a protestant, is impressed by the new pope's approach. >> even if there is great pleasure in the liturgy, i is about turning to the people. he seems better able to do this than
. that turned out not to be the case. he put on a rock star show. pope benedict when he took his name was doing it in honor of pope benedict xv whose mission was to reunion -- reuni-fi. >> it tells us a lot. the name they've chosen for themselves they're trying to telegraph what type of leader they'll be to. >> to catholics worldwide and the other cardinals. >> megyn: we're told after the protodeacon announces the pope the new pope we're told will likely give greetings in several languages then speak in his native language or perhaps in italian. john and i talked about how john paul ii struggled with his italian but it only made the crowd love him more and he said if i make a mistake, you will correct me. everyone loved him. we'll see what the pope's native language is and whether he chooses to go to it. one of the front runser is from milan. after that the new pope will be expected to celebrate mass with the cardinals in the sistine chapel on the days following the election. an important part of this process. then jo
repression. john paul ii grew up under the boot of moscow. benedict under the nazis. perhaps that explains their inability to unshackle the church from the past. people who are repressed in their religion tend to be very conservative in holding on to what's been entrusted to them. well, here's hoping, prayer's really in order here, that the next leader of the catholic church has something of john xxiii in him because looking at the problem of the celibate priesthood and the problem of american catholics and the birth control view of paul vi and the role of women in the church lots needs to be done and it's the job of a good, wise, courageous pope to do it. god bless our next pope. god bless the decision on how to pick him. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans. and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. the beltway media is focused on the wrong threat. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> it makes me very uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters you're going to regret doing so
this thursday night first time in six centuries. the catholic church has a former pope. benedict the xvith became pope emeritus today. his retirement official after an 8-year reign. >> church bears rang in the distance as the pope boarded a helicopter to take him away from the vatican. [ applause ] but before he left, a final meeting with the men who will elect his replacement. [ applause ] >> shepard: may god reward you said one of the cardinals before the pope delivered a surprise address. instructing them to overcome their differences as they gather in the coming days. >> among you, in the college of cardinals, there is a future pope to whom already today i promise my unconditional reverence and obedience. >> shepard: the cardinals kissing the pope's ring and saying their goodbyes. [ applause ] >> vatican workers showing their appreciation as the pope walked out the door. and, with that, benedict the xvith departed the vatican for the final time as sitting pope. his helicopter making 17-minute flight southeast to the pope's summer home. is he expected to remain there until the new pope
. the venerable pope benedict xvi to whom we renew in this minute all of our gratitude. >> the very next big event comes 30 minutes from now, give or take. the cardinals will line up least senior to most senior. they will all process into the chapel to take their vows of secrecy. at that point, everyone else is kicked out. the doors are officially locked and the conclave begins. my colleague chris cuomo is as close to that process as anyone can get. he joins us live. chris, it's likely, but technically, we could have a pope today. so officially, when does chimney watch begin? >> it begins as soon as the door closes and votes begin. no question about that. there's a very heavy expectation that tonight's vote is more a familiarity. an introduction to it. and it will become much more in earnest tomorrow when they'll start doing two vote it's in morning session. two votes in the afternoon session. that basically gives you two opportunities for certain chimney smoke watch. because they burn ballots after every second vote. there are two times a day, assuming they don't elect a pope that we'll be lookin
it with meeting with meeti meeting pope benedict the 16 td. lauren green is live with more for us. >> this is the most exciting day. we made the comment it is sunny this morning. yesterday we were waiting for the white smoke it was raining and pouring and frenching. pope francis made an appearance. there's a lot of ex ub brakes because of that. let me bring in father melcher. before we knew anything about the conclave now we have pope francis. he's a series of first a first from the southern hemisphere the first from america the first jesuwit he is the first pope francis. >> because there are so many unprecedented situations i was shocked. i looked around i said who is this guy? whaerd the word in latin. there are only two georges, george pell and hojorge. he appeared on the balcony all of us rushed to look at him and to welcome him cheering and the crowds were going wild. >> the parps were saying talking about the odds makers they had their favorites and long shots. he was on nobody's list. why is that? >> if you look at perhaps other segments of society other people had perhaps
in the teaching of pope benedict. what benedict did was to teach us about jesus. this man is going to show us jesus' face and i'm absolutely convinced of that. and it's a moment of great surprise, and an institution that prides itself on tradition, and sometimes a tradition that doesn't really free us. he's going to take us back to the tradition that's freeing. and to remind us who we are. because every time -- we have had some difficulties over the past years. >> i think back to eight years ago when i was here. and the sadness, obviously, following the death of pope john paul ii. and to be in the square on this night, there was such joy there, and such reverence. such silence at times when people were kind of reflecting and praying. praying silently, sometimes praying out loud. but the silence really struck me. >> yeah, the silence, and also when he came out on the loggia, hello, everybody, good evening. not a normal greeting. and he didn't follow the script. he decided to connect with people. this is a bishop coming to meet his people. rome has been without a bishop. he wanted to bond with
and touch the faithful. benedict xvi is still alive and watching from afar but with each move no matter how symbolic, francis seemed happy to abandon the austere and distant approach of his predecessor. if differences have come up between the two folks, it's not been before the cameras. in addition to their face to face meeting they've had several phone conversations, including one this week that the vatican spokesman described as intense. there are the silistic differences that set pope francis apart from benedict. the iron cross and the more common dress. and there's already been one substantive change that has annoyed traditionalists. the way he included two women in a holy week ceremony representing the moment when christ washed the feet of his 12 disciples. all men. was the new pope hinting he was intending to elevate the role of women in the church? it was something that raised hopes of catholic women at the east every mars. even as some remained skeptical that he will be able to bring about change. >> if he's going to make changes he needs to sort of move forward with the times and e
than pope benedict xvi or his holiness. there are plenty of other signs of a different approach. the broad smile and the wave as if he's identifying with specific people in the crowds and the very conscience effort shown once again on easter sunday to reach out and touch the faithful. benedict xvi is still alive and watching from afar but with each move, no matter how symbolic, francis seemed happy to abandon the austere and distant approach of his predecessor. if differences have come up between the two popes, it's not been before the cameras. in addition to their face to face meeting, they've had several phone conversations including one this week that the vatican spokesman described as intense. there are the stylistic differences that set pope francis apart from benedict. the iron cross and the more common dress and there's already been one substantive change that has anowed traditionalists. the way he included two women in a holy week ceremony representing the moment when christ washed the feet of his 12 disciples. all men. was the new pope hinting he was intending to elevat
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